Neal Goyal is passionate about sharing his story mentoring peers, and educating at-risk youth as a way to reconcile with society, atone for his actions and give back to the community in a positive and meaningful way. 

Early Life, Education & Career

Neal Goyal came up from humble beginnings as the eldest son of two immigrant parents growing up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. At an early age, he developed an interest in the stock market and soon after began pursuing an education and career in the field of finance, a career path that would alter from the path of generations prior in his family.

He began studying the financial markets in high school and later went on to pursue a degree in Finance at Indiana University. He then earned a law degree at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in California. Throughout his educational career, Neal Goyal refined his knowledge of investing strategies through self-taught trial and error. During his third year of law school, Neal Goyal launched his first hedge fund.

While his prospects were promising, there came a time in the early years of his firm when Neal Goyal experienced his first quarterly loss. Though the initial loss was minimal, Neal had an obsession with perfection and success that led him to do the unthinkable. Neal began to manipulate results to hide these losses. Soon enough, what started as a small investing mistake snowballed into a disaster that would eventually lead to over $9 million in losses to investors and the firm’s inevitable collapse.

Looking back, Neal Goyal acknowledges that he chose ego over truth, placing pride and greed above those he cared about most. Once he was sentenced to prison, the worlds of his investors and his family were completely unraveled and turned upside down.

Today, Neal Goyal has embarked upon a lifelong commitment to redeem himself, atone for his actions, and use his lessons to give back to society in a meaningful way.

Leadership Projects & Mentoring

Neal Goyal is also an avid writer with a passion for teaching and education. Since his incarceration, he has devoted much of his time to educating others through blogging, mentoring peers in their preparation for re-entry, and public speaking to at-risk youth. Through these efforts, Neal seeks to use lessons learned from past choices to bring an unconventional perspective to issues involving: Ethics, Parenting, Fitness, and Behavioral Psychology.

Neal Goyal has taken great steps towards his goals taking on a variety of leadership and mentoring roles.

Some of the highlights of his work include:

Co-Founder & President of IMPACT – Inmates Mentoring Peers Against Criminal Thinking

Neal Goyal-At-Risk-YouthIMPACT is a revolutionary program that allows supervised inmates to go out into the community to share their stories through public speaking events with at-risk youth, schools, probationary programs, and juvenile centers. The mission of IMPACT is to inspire teens to make positive life choices and to help teens think about the potential consequences of their actions. Since the program’s inception in 2016, Neal Goyal and other members have presented in front of over 1,000 teens in nearby communities.

Vice President of the prison’s Toastmasters Chapter, The Second Chance Gavel

Toastmasters is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to helping individuals improve their public speaking, communication, and leadership skills through an international network of clubs and chapters. As a practiced public speaker with a passion for mentoring, Neal Goyal became VP of the prison’s chapter titled, The Second Chance Gavel Club. He takes great pride in his role of mentoring inmates to become more effective public speakers and more transparent with their lives.

Inmate Facilitator for the Victim Impact Program

In his most recent leadership initiative, Neal Goyal has become the inmate facilitator for the Victim Impact Program at his current institution. In this role, he helps inmates openly discuss and understand the broad impacts of their crimes. As part of the program, he mentors peers on taking responsibility for their past choices, making efforts to atone for their actions and redeem themselves to those they have affected.

While away, Neal completed his Masters in Business Administration. Additionally he is working towards certification in Personal Training from the National Association of Professional Trainers.

Follow along with Neal Goyal on his journey through his thoughtful and educational blog posts as he strives to leave a positive impact and give back to society.